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For a 21-day celebration to honour the creation of T'gana, KCR distributes 105 crore

Telangana's chief minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao, stated on Thursday that 105 crore rupees will be made available for the June 2 commemoration of the state's 20th anniversary.
The declaration was made by KCR, as the chief minister is referred to, during the day-long Collectors' and SPs' meeting that was held at the state secretariat.
According to a statement from the chief minister's office, he instructed the finance department to transfer the funds to each of the 33 district collectors in the state so they could organise the 21-day festivities in a large manner.
The chief minister requested the district administrations and state-level authorities to vigorously promote the accomplishments achieved by the state since its inception on June 2, 2014, outlining the day-by-day activities to be held over these 21 days.
KCR ordered the authorities to make every effort to emphasise the progress the state has achieved over the last nine years while also recognising the sacrifices made by those who gave their lives to ensure the creation of the independent Telangana state.
After six decades of effort and sacrifice, Telangana state, according to KCR, has become a reality. “The statehood was attained peacefully and in the most democratic manner possible. With a number of social and development measures after its creation, the state had established itself as a model for the whole nation, he said.
The chief minister wants the event to be arranged in a major fashion, including all sectors of the population, as he reviewed the preliminary plans for the festivities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Telangana's establishment. He instructed the collectors to adhere to the districts' day-by-day plan.
“Starting on June 2, there should be a celebratory mood all around the state for three weeks. Every hamlet, town, and assembly district would have festivities, he said.
For the efficient running of the festivities, he requested that the district collectors work with ministers, MLAs, and other public figures.
On June 2, KCR will dedicate the festivities to the martyrs of Telangana at Gun Park in Hyderabad. Later, he will address the crowd when the flag is raised at the Telangana secretariat grounds.
Daily programmes will be conducted in accordance with the previously stated schedule to showcase the advancements made by the state in areas such as power, irrigation, agriculture, health care, and industry.
The presentations will also showcase initiatives being carried out to improve the lives of farmers and other groups of people.
The day-long conference was attended by KCR's cabinet colleagues, government advisers, the chief secretary, secretaries in the office of the chief minister, district collectors, superintendents of police, the director general of police, and other high officials.

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