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At the airport, Ranveer Singh goes undercover and covers off his Don 3 look with a hoodie and mask. The video becomes viral

<p>During his latest airport sighting, Ranveer Singh took care to ensure that his Don 3 appearance stays intact. In the franchise helmed by Farhan Akhtar, the actor will take Shah Rukh Khan’s place as the new Don.</p>
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<p>Even though Ranveer’s aura as Don was hinted at in a video that Farhan had shared, Ranveer probably has a fresh look for the movie and doesn’t want fans to know about it just yet. For this reason, on a recent excursion, the actor was seen donning a mask, some sunglasses, and a sweatshirt.</p>
<p>In an Instagram video posted by a paparazzo, Ranveer was seen leaving the airport wearing all black. Ranveer was seen at the airport posing for a few selfies and pictures with a few admirers, despite the fact he was unable to disclose his appearance. Check out the video below:</p>
<p>Many were surprised to see Ranveer cast as Shah Rukh’s successor in Don 3. Social media users expressed dissatisfaction at Shah Rukh’s decision to leave the franchise. Ranveer, nevertheless, said he would give the part all.</p>
<p>Ranveer said, “I’m hoping to make Don my own and give it my spin, my interpretation,” during the Red Sea Film Festival. It’s the passing of the torch from one of Hindi cinema’s most cherished and admired franchises. I don’t doubt the relevance of it. Naturally, there was some doubt when the statement was made.</p>
<p>However, this has occurred throughout the history of film. There was a good deal of cynicism, even as recently as when the Bond franchise changed ownership and Daniel Craig was introduced as the new Bond. Thus, this makes sense.</p>
<p>“I don’t take the importance of carrying on the traditions of two of our biggest players and carrying the torch forward in this franchise lightly. Thus, I’ll give it my all, and you’ll see the best of me. I’ll definitely put in my best effort for Don,” he said.</p>
<p>Additionally, Don 3 has taken Priyanka Chopra’s spot. Kiara Advani and Ranveer Singh will play the main roles in the next Don movie. 2025 will see the release of Don 3.</p>