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Aamir Khan ANNOUNCES Christmas Return and the December 2024 release of Sitaare Zameen Par: “Shoot Has Started”

<p>Aamir Khan wants to take the top spot at the box office by Christmas 2024. The actor, who has a history of releasing movies around Christmas, has announced that this year he would be celebrating Christmas with the premiere of his comeback movie, Sitaare Zameen Par.</p>
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<p>After eight years, this would be his first Christmas release. His latest motion picture release was the smash hit Dangal, which came out around Christmas in 2016. Additionally, Sitaare Zameen Par will be his return movie. Following the failure of Laal Singh Chaddha, Aamir took a hiatus.</p>
<p>During their conclave, Aamir revealed to TV9 that Sitaare Zameen Par would be available for purchase around Christmas. “As a main actor, I am now shooting Sitaare Zameen Par, which is my next project. Our goal is to release it on Christmas Eve, at the end of this year. I find the storyline of the movie to be interesting. The movie is now being filmed,” he said.</p>
<p>“Aside from that, however, you will be able to witness me working on a few projects rather than starring in the movie. Aamir said, “Let’s see how the audience responds before I do a few small roles.”</p>
<p>Amir said that Sitaare Zameen Par is being filmed a few weeks after Pinkvilla revealed that Aamir would be shooting back-to-back scenes beginning in February. “Aamir has been in the prep mode for Sitaare Zameen Par over the last few months and is all set to take the film on floors from February 2,” a source told the newspaper. He has conducted many reading sessions with the ensemble cast and has finally decided on his appearance for the movie.</p>
<p>Sitaare Zameen Par has set aside 70 to 80 working days for the film, thus it would be a long schedule. This will be one of Aamir’s quickest films to release to theaters, the source said, despite the lengthy pre-production process.</p>
<p>Genelia Deshmukh plays the major role in Sitaare Zameen Par as well. It’s the first movie that Genelia and Aamir have done together.</p>