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Despite a million-dollar arrangement, Prince Harry’s documentary controversially appears on Netflix’s largest competitor

<p>Unexpectedly, despite a rumored million-dollar contract with the streaming behemoth, Prince Harry’s eagerly awaited documentary has found its home on none other than Netflix’s largest rival. Both business experts and royal lovers are curious about this surprising decision that has raised eyebrows. Even though The Duke of Sussex has a five-year contract with Netflix, a new documentary that clarifies the Invictus Games has appeared on Disney-owned Hulu without warning.</p>
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<p>Hulu debuts Prince Harry’s documentary<br />
On Sunday, February 25th, Prince Harry’s documentary series Mission: Life, Family, and Invictus Games had its premiere on Hulu, a Disney-owned streaming service that directly competes with Netflix. Considering Prince Harry’s current £80 million, five-year contract with Netflix, this release was unexpected. It’s unclear from the circumstances surrounding the show’s Hulu debut if Netflix approved or knew about this decision. Many people were surprised when the program suddenly became available on Hulu, which piqued their interest.</p>
<p>What is Prince Harry’s Invictus game documentary about? The Duke of Sussex, who along with his wife Meghan Markle resigned from royal duties in 2020, paid an unannounced visit to the palace to see his sick father, King Charles, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The interview Harry had with ABC News host Will Reeve after his trip to the UK is the focus of the recently released documentary. The Duke covered a wide range of subjects throughout the conversation, such as friends, family, and profession. In essence, the documentary centers on Harry’s most recent interview with ABC News when he was in Canada, setting up an occasion for the following year.</p>
<p>Sources say Prince Harry probably knew and agreed to the use of his ABC News interview in a Hulu documentary, as reported by the Daily Mail. This confirms earlier rumors that the pair may go into other business ventures in addition to their current Netflix arrangement.</p>
<p>In case you missed it, Netflix viewers were previously captivated by ‘Harry & Meghan,’ a six-part series that chronicled the lives of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The show centered on their lowly beginnings, their reign, and their immigration to the US with their two darling kids, Lilibet and Archie.</p>