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Sweet Birthday Message From Karan Deol To His “Constant” Bobby Deol: Drisha Acharya’s Reaction

<p>With a heartfelt birthday message for his wife Drisha Acharya on social media on Sunday, Karan Deol won over hearts. Karan termed her his continual source of happiness and posted pictures from their wedding. Bobby Deol responded to the pictures as well.</p>
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<p>“When you are around the right person, all you do is laugh,” Karan said in an Instagram post honoring his wife Drisha. Happy birthday to @drishaacharya, my never-ending source of joy. Heart emojis were posted by Bobby Deol in the comments area. Well wishes were also sent by fans. Along with sharing Karan’s post on Instagram Stories, Sunny Deol also added, “Happy Birthday beta @drishaacharya (accompanied by red-heart emojis)”</p>
<p>With his most recent social media post, Karan Deol recently incited a frenzy among his followers. He alluded to a possible working relationship with Preity Zinta’s next flick Lahore 1947 as well as his father Sunny Deol. He posted a number of pictures of himself reading the screenplay on his Instagram account. Karan Deol posted pictures of himself reciting the screenplay on his Instagram account. The actor added, “Getting into the character. #staytuned.”</p>
<p>According to Pinkvilla’s report, director Rajkumar Santoshi had 37 auditions before selecting a young male actor to play a part in the film. The son of Sunny Deol, Karan Deol, reportedly took part in the tryouts as well. He made an audition for the movie in which he played Sunny Deol’s son. Since Vele, Karan Deol’s previous film appearance, no new film announcements have been made.</p>
<p>For the first time, Sunny Deol, Aamir Khan, and Rajkumar Santoshi will work together. Even though there was a lot of excitement around the movie beforehand, the filmmaker recently surprised everyone by revealing that Javed Akhtar and AR Rahman will also be appearing in it. He is reported as stating, “It’s a reunion with the most talented people,” in The Indian Express. Aamir and I collaborated on Andaz Apna Apna, and now we are working together as producers. However, we produced the most well-liked movies, like Ghayal, Damini, and Ghatak, featuring Sunny Deol. This is the “best dream team and rare to come together,” the director said.</p>