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Navigating the Surge: Entrepreneurs Reflect on India’s Tech Boom 

Innovation is at the heart of India’s tech growth story. Over the past decade, we have witnessed a shift towards building products and solutions not just for the Indian market, but for the global stage. There’s a growing focus on solving complex problems in areas like healthcare, education, and financial inclusion using technology. This has not only contributed to the growth of the tech space but has also positioned India as a hub for innovative solutions. Top Ventures to look out for in 2024 are 

Palak Jain and Jatin Batra, graduates from PEC, Chandigarh, saw that it’s really tough for people to find jobs nowadays because many big companies use computers to filter resumes. These computers, called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), reject about 90% of resumes they receive. To help job seekers, Palak and Jatin created is a website that offers helpful tools for job seekers. One of their tools is called the Anti-ATS Resume Checker. It’s free to use and uses artificial intelligence to look at your resume and give you tips on how to make it better for ATS systems. In just six months, over 300,000 people have used this tool to get their dream jobs.

But doesn’t stop there. They also offer a service where they write your resume professionally to make sure it gets a good score with ATS systems. They’re the first ones to offer this service in India, and they guarantee a minimum score of 75%. also has a big community on Instagram with over 250,000 followers. They use their Instagram page, @interview_prep_here, to teach people about how to deal with ATS systems when applying for jobs.

Supported by institutions like IIT Ropar and Startup Punjab, aims to help one crore people. Their goal is to make job hunting easier for everyone in India. If you want to see how well your resume would do with an ATS system, you can use their Resume Score Checker at below link




Harman Puri is a Blockchain consultant and one of the top 50 Blockchain influencers in India. From working as a certified Blockchain developer to contributing as a content creator, he wears multiple hats in Blockchain, Web3, DeFi, NFTs, and Metaverse. He has worked as an ambassador for companies like Algorand and Nexo. His expertise and influence have been pivotal in guiding enterprises through the intricate process of Blockchain adoption, showcasing a unique blend of strategic foresight and practical application. He has acted as a Blockchain advisor for various multi-million dollar companies. Beyond technical contributions, Harman has helped in the planning and execution of several Blockchain marketing campaigns focused on increasing TVL, on-chain activities, and simplifying user onboarding in Web3. His latest book titled “Why Blockchain” and his collaboration with top universities to deliver Blockchain sessions fall under his academic initiatives. 


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