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Article 370: Sachin Tendulkar’s Street Cricket Moments Reflect a Transformed Kashmir Revealed in Yami Gautam’s Film

<p>Today saw the release of Yami Gautam’s much-awaited Article 370 in theaters. The actress said that filming the movie was a very simple experience for them throughout the movie’s promotional campaign. A few images of Sachin Tendulkar playing cricket in the streets appeared on social media, providing yet another indication of how things are improving in the valley after the repeal of Article 370.</p>
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<p>Article 370 tells the tale of a new Kashmir and all the efforts that have gone into making it a reality. The time period leading up to Kashmir’s special status being revoked is the main subject of the movie. It opened in theaters and ushers in a historic chapter that will inspire pride in every Indian.</p>
<p>Article 370 is a fast-paced action political drama starring Yami Gautam and directed by National Award winner Aditya Suhas Jambhale, from Jio Studios, the company behind Uri: The Surgical Strike. The film, which was produced by Jyoti Deshpande, Aditya Dhar, and Lokesh Dhar, was released in theaters throughout the globe.</p>
<p>News18 In her review, Showsha rated the movie with 3.5 stars. Regarding Yami’s performance, the review said that she gave an outstanding performance as Zooni Haksar, played by Yami Gautam Dhar. She is a great source of dignity and calm, and even though she expresses her strong feelings about Kashmir, she never crosses the line into panic. Be wary of one monologue she gives in which she discusses how Kashmir’s billion-dollar conflict economy and wealthy elite are its worst enemies. The conversation authors deserve recognition as well. She mostly lets her eyes speak in several other situations.</p>
<p>“Article 370 has been shot in some real locations that impart a lot of authenticity to the narrative,” the assessment said. With such skill, cinematographer Siddharth Vasani conveys the spirit of Kashmir in every picture, evoking the scent of the valley. The subdued blue and gray tones that permeate the picture properly capture the gravity of the story. Article 370, at two hours and forty minutes, does a good job of holding your attention. The first half of the film moves quickly as the filmmakers get right into the action, keeping the audience engaged until the interval. The movie seemed to go on longer in the second half.</p>