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Farmers protest: As the Tikri border remains closed, traders and manufacturers fear losing business

<p>Tradesmen in Delhi’s Bawana Industrial Area (BIA) and Haryana’s Bahadurgarh have expressed fear due to the ongoing farmers’ protest and their call to march to the national capital, which resulted in the interstate Tikri border being sealed. They claimed to have lost more than Rs 20 crore during the 2020–21 farmers’ agitation.</p>
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<p>One of the biggest industries for the production of shoes is found in the Tikri area of western Delhi and the nearby state of Bahadurgarh, where over 400,000 people commute every day to work. Sources claim that the industry lost at much Rs 20 crore during the 2021 farmers’ protest.</p>
<p>The manufacturers, merchants, and industrialists at BIA, which serves a variety of sectors including plastic granules, stainless steel, apparel, and nuts and bolts, are worried about possible business losses in addition to the footwear industry.</p>
<p>An industrialist told IANS that since suppliers often have to take detours to transport their goods, the continuing farmers’ protest has raised production expenses. It seems that we will experience a loss once again this time. Farmers are expected to visit us at the border once again, even though we have barely bounced back from the last setback. Workers and merchants are already experiencing terror as a result of the border closure in Tikri,” he said.</p>