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Today’s stock market: The S&P 500 closes over 5,000, as Wall Street waltzes beyond its most recent milestone

<p><strong>YORK:</strong> Wall Street reached a new high, a significant milestone, and a victorious week on Friday thanks to further increases for US equities.</p>
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<p>For the first time, the S&P 500 completed a day over the 5,000 mark after rising 0.6%. For the index, which finished its 14th winning week in the previous 15 to extend a run that started around Halloween, it’s the 10th record in less than a month.<br />
With a 1.2% increase, the Nasdaq composite closed within 0.4% of its own record high, which was established in 2021. One day after breaking its own recent record, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lagged behind. 54 points, or 0.1%, were lost.<br />
For a market that is meant to move on concrete metrics like interest rates, profitability, and revenue, benchmarks like the S&P 500 at 5,000 don’t mean anything. However, they have the power to stir up the animal spirits of a market that is often prone to emotional outbursts.<br />
With the expectation that declining inflation would persuade the Federal Reserve to reduce pressure by lowering interest rates, Wall Street began to rise. These changes seem to be arriving later than anticipated while the economy continues to be reported as being very strong. However, this resilience has also bolstered expectations for business profitability, which has helped equities.<br />
The most recent business to rise was Cloudflare, which did so after its most recent quarter’s earnings above analyst expectations. The cloud services provider saw a 19.5% increase in stock price after announcing that, in spite of an overall economic climate that “remains challenging to predict,” it has secured both its biggest new client and its largest renewal ever.<br />
The majority of the market’s work was performed by large technology stocks, which have been dominating the market for more than a year due in part to the fervor around artificial intelligence. Following each company’s at least 1.6% increase, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Amazon emerged as the three main movers pushing the S&P 500 higher.<br />
They assisted in offsetting PepsiCo’s 3.6% decline, as the company revealed lower-than-expected sales for the most recent quarter. It said that the reason for the slowing rise is because consumers are returning to their pre-pandemic snacking and other habits.<br />
Expedia fell 17.8% even though company reported a higher-than-expected profit. The business released projections for the first quarter of 2024, which experts said indicated a slower rate of increase in reservations. The business also said that Ariane Gorin, the new CEO, would start in May.<br />
The maker of “Grand Theft Auto” and other video games, Take-Two Interactive, had its stock drop 8.7% after reporting lower-than-expected earnings. Additionally, it lowered its expected outcomes for its fiscal year, which concludes at the end of March.<br />
The S&P 500 increased by 28.70 points overall to 5,026.61. The Nasdaq increased 196.95 to 15,990.66 while the Dow fell 54.64 to 38,671.69.<br />
Almost two thirds of the S&P 500’s biggest businesses have completed their reporting season, and profits have generally been stronger than anticipated. That is often the case, but according to FactSet, this time around, an even greater number of businesses than normal are doing so.<br />
Although this has contributed to an increase in Wall Street confidence, others claim that it may have gone too far and driven stock prices to unreasonably high levels.<br />
The rate at which traders are moving into certain risky assets is accelerating to the point that Bank of America’s contrarian indicator is now more heavily weighted toward “sell” than “buy,” but not convincingly. The metric gauges the level of fear and greed in the market and recommended purchasing in October at a convincingly high level of dread.<br />
Treasury rates increased little in the bond market. Late on Thursday, the yield on the 10-year Treasury increased from 4.15% to 4.16%.<br />
However, compared to earlier in the month, when traders aggressively pushed out their predictions for rate reduction, the swings were much more subdued and the 10-year yield shot up from 3.85%.<br />
It’s a positive indication that the stock market may continue rising to new heights even while hopes for an impending interest rate decrease are waning, especially considering that the market previously seemed to be based only on these predictions.<br />
Mark Hackett, head of investment research at Nationwide, said, “A less emotional market is a positive sign, though investors must fight against the complacency that is a natural reaction to such a strong and steady bull run.”<br />
The majority of indices were slightly down on foreign stock markets. A number of marketplaces in Asia were closed for the Lunar New Year vacation.<br />
The Nikkei 225 in Tokyo increased by 0.1% after reaching a record high of 34 years earlier in the day.</p>