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SM Entertainment Threatens Legal Action in Response to Malevolent Attacks

<p>In 2023, SM Entertainment developed a new program to protect the rights of its agency artists. Since the launch of the Kwangya 119 website, fans may file complaints against SM artists, including those involving copyright violations and defamation. This tactical move is in line with the organization’s resolve to improve the safety of several K-Pop celebrities. The agency has actively handled a number of issues since the website’s introduction, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining a secure environment for its artists. The South Korean corporation recently warned against any harmful activities directed against its artists in a statement. The agency has partnered with a legal company that will handle civil and criminal litigation in order to defend the artists’ rights against any threats.</p>
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<p>“Hello, this is SM Entertainment,” the agency said. We would want to formally seek information about any actions that violate the rights of the artists on our label. With the help of the insightful reports that fans have provided through “KWANGYA 119” and the company’s monitoring system, SM Entertainment, in collaboration with Shin & Kim LLC, will take vigorous legal action against any and all instances of criminal acts committed against our artists, including but not limited to malicious slander, invasions of privacy, sexual harassment, fabrication and dissemination of false rumors, and more.</p>
<p>“SM Entertainment will not hesitate to file both civil and criminal lawsuits against perpetrators with no leniency in order to protect our artists from such acts, so please exercise caution so that you do not become associated with disgraceful acts.” Additionally, we would like to use this occasion to express our gratitude to fans for giving up their valuable time to report incidents to the firm. We also pledge to keep up our best efforts to defend the rights of the artists on our label. SM Entertainment said, “Thank you.”</p>
<p>Reputable performers including BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, WayV, aespa, RIIZE, BAEKHYUN, CHANYEOL, TEN, WayV, and many more are represented on SM Entertainment’s strong roster of musicians.</p>
<p>Prior reports state that Kwangya 119 often gets 400 court cases per month on average. The legal team carefully considers a number of aspects before choosing the attorney to represent a client. It’s crucial to remember that not all 400 instances result in prompt legal action. The instances that satisfy the requirements are sent to SM Entertainment’s legal section for a thorough examination only after a meticulous cross-checking procedure. The police are then tasked with handling the complaints that make it through this screening procedure and need further action. Sometimes the organization has to push detectives to focus on a certain case.</p>