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Fans of Rohit Sharma are enraged as Ritika Sajdeh’s remarks on the MI captaincy swap go viral

<p>Just before to the auction, the Mumbai Indians made a daring move that rocked the cricket world when they signed Hardik Pandya from the Gujarat Titans, who had let him go two years earlier. The actual earthquake, however, occurred when the team decided to name Hardik the captain for the next 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL) instead of Rohit Sharma. Many people found this move unsettling, and it sparked a firestorm of criticism, particularly from ardent supporters. In a recent interview, head coach Mark Boucher added fuel to the flames by calling the move a “purely cricketing decision,” which infuriated the supporters even more and once again flooded social media. This happened just when things appeared to be settling down.</p>
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<p>However, it was Ritika Sajdeh, Rohit’s wife, who made the mysterious statement that really ignited the internet, not Boucher’s words alone. Ritika said, “So many things wrong with this,” in reference to the video in which Boucher revealed the information to the Smash Sports podcast: It was, in my opinion, just a cricketing choice. The window to see Hardik return to the playing field was visible. It’s a transitional period for me. Many people in India are not aware that people there become quite emotional. However, as you are aware, you remove the feelings from it. I believe the choice was made more from a cricket perspective, and I do believe it will bring out the best in both Rohit the player and the person. Let him enjoy himself and score some well-deserved runs.</p>
<p>Ritika’s remark quickly went viral, and Rohit’s devoted followers were not going to stand by it. Before you knew it, supporters of the Mumbai Indians were airing their annoyance and disgust of the captaincy move on “X,” the erstwhile Twitter.</p>
<p>It makes it quite evident that there is more to this whole situation involving Rohit and Mumbai Indians. I’d want Rohit to speak out about this and share his thoughts. This doesn’t look correct at all, a user said. “Rohit Sharma did almost everything for Mumbai Indians and received betrayal from his own franchise,” said an additional person. The third added, “Mumbai Indians are using their captaincy to play musical chairs.”</p>
<p>Then the memes began to appear, each one portraying a different emotional rollercoaster that the supporters were going through.</p>
<p>The Mumbai Indians subtly reassured supporters that all was okay inside the squad, even if players like Suryakumar Yadav and Jasprit Bumrah had previously shared cryptic tales on their Instagram accounts in response to Hardik Pandya’s declaration of his leadership. But Ritika’s mysterious remark has raised questions about the issue once again.</p>