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Legal Investigation Regarding Salary Is Awaiting Paris Olympics Chief Tony Estanguet: Report

<p>Tony Estanguet is the director of the Paris Olympics organizing committee, and his compensation has been the subject of a judicial investigation launched by French police, a person close to the issue told AFP on Tuesday.</p>
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<p>According to the source, who asked to remain anonymous, the inquiry by judges with expertise in financial crimes started “last week” and would examine how Estanguet is paid for his work as the organizing committee’s chief executive.</p>
<p>According to the most recent publicly accessible income information, Estanguet receives a pre-tax annual salary of 270,000 euros ($290,000), with potential incentives totaling an additional 20 percent.</p>
<p>In October of last year, the investigative journal Le Canard Enchaine published a story claiming that Estanguet bills the organizing committee on a monthly basis using his own business rather than receiving pay.</p>
<p>By this arrangement, charities that have the same status as the organizing committee will not be subject to a wage limit.</p>
<p>The judges’ investigation is a humiliating development that comes at a time when Estanguet is trying to direct attention toward the July 26–August 11 Games.</p>
<p>The 45-year-old Olympic canoeist, who has won three gold medals, has not yet been involved in the legal issues that have beset other members of the Paris organizing committee.</p>
<p>The Olympics have historically been plagued with corruption on several occasions, whether it be related to the way the Games were chosen or the large-scale construction and service contracts that are associated with the event.</p>