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Snapbizz and London Business School reveal Study on Healthier eating habits in slum communities in Mumbai

Mumbai, February 2024: Proper nutrition in slum communities has taken center stage with the release of a groundbreaking study that sheds light on the vital connection between shopping behavior and nutrition, which is a key source of better health. 


In collaboration with London Business School (LBS), Snapbizz played a pivotal role in providing the technological backbone for this research enabling Kirana stores to gain invaluable insights into their purchase data in these communities through scanner data tracking.


The study was led by London Business School Faculty Kamalini Ramdas and Ali Aouad, wharton faculty and former LBS Ph.D student Alp Sungu, focused on encouraging healthier shopping habits in low-income Indian communities. The research, conducted at Mankhurd, Mumbai, demonstrates that subsidizing cereals can have a significant influence to enhance healthier eating in slum communities. Snapbizz’s cutting-edge technology enabled the implementation of initiatives aimed at unlocking nutritional outcomes in underprivileged Indian communities while tracking their effectiveness in specific Kirana store locations. 


Study Reveals Impact of Interventions on Grocery Shopping Habits and Caloric Intake in Slum Areas


The study, utilizing data collected by Snapbizz, revealed that a significant portion of grocery expenditures is allocated to snacks, sugar, and soft drinks, with these items’ total spending nearing that of primary staples like rice and wheat. These results highlight the urgency of reshaping dietary choices and habits within economically underserved communities. Notably, the subsidy for cereals led to a decrease in snack purchases, signaling the potential of targeted interventions to promote healthier choices. This effect was strongest for shoppers residing in families with children, highlighting a pathway to improve the eating habits of future generations. Tellingly, the subsidy for millet – an ancient and healthful grain that is no longer widely used, despite providing high protein per dollar spent – had the least take up, indicating that consumers need to be educated on the benefits of low-cost, protein-rich foods. 


“We firmly believe that investing in healthy eating within the lower economic strata is not solely about the individuals or families involved; rather, it contributes significantly to nation-building and holds long-term economic implications. SnapBizz is privileged to be chosen by LBS to partner on this project. We do feel that with the help of various campaigns, initiatives, and incentives, we can spread awareness and make people understand the importance of nutritionious and adaptive eating habits which in turn lead to a healthy lifestyle.”, said Mr. Prem Kumar, Founder, Snapbizz.


Scaling Up for a Healthier Future


The success of this collaborative effort indicates the potential for scaling up these interventions to create a lasting impact on the nutritional well-being of slum communities across India. Snapbizz and London Business School are committed to expanding their initiatives, campaigns, and incentives to raise awareness and drive the adoption of nutritious and healthy eating habits in low-income Indian communities. This strategic partnership holds the promise of transforming the lives of countless individuals, contributing to the nation’s economic well-being, and fostering a healthier future.  Snapbizz and London Business School are enthusiastic and are inviting increased support from organizations to step forward and participate in collaborative initiatives with the goal of making a substantial impact on a broader scale.


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