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Samarth Jurel of Bigg Boss 17 Attends a Fan Event in Hyderabad With Sunny Arya And Arun Mahashetty

<p>Bigg Boss 17 gives a lot of celebrities and influencers a way to reach a large audience. Many have praised their supporters for their unwavering support after the performance. Along with his Bigg Boss 17 partner Sunny Arya, Arun Mahashetty, who made it to the reality show’s finale, recently organized a fan gathering in Hyderabad. Samarth Jurel, a much talked-about competitor this year, accompanied the two at this impressive occasion.</p>
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<p>The admirers were overjoyed to snap photographs with Sunny Arya, Samarth Jurel, and Arun Mashettey, and they gladly obliged. The three even danced on stage and engaged with their audience. Supporters yelled Isha’s name as Samarth took the platform, making him flush. Samarth entertained the crowd with dancing routines from the Bigg Boss house that went viral.</p>
<p>After being eliminated from Bigg Boss 17, Samarth Jurel recently reunited with other contestants. He was seen having fun with Vicky Jain, Orry, and Ankita Lokhande. The photos from the celebration were posted on Orry’s fan page, and the grins on their faces suggest that they had a great time. “About last night and his big boss reunion!” the caption said.</p>
<p>Samarth Jurel was eliminated in the last weeks before the finals, having arrived as a wild card contender. Samarth said to ETimes over missing the finals, “I don’t think I lacked anywhere in the show.” I don’t regret anything. I don’t regret anything I did for the program. After coming out, I had a good night’s sleep and didn’t feel like I had done anything improper on the program. It’s not as easy as it seems to overcome ordinary taraf se. I’d probably find out if someone could highlight. When someone pointed out my error on the broadcast, I always responded, “I’ll work on it.” It would be amazing if people noticed that I was in the Top 5. Every contestant on the program, like myself, seemed to be hoping to win, but I was not successful in doing so.</p>
<p>This year’s Bigg Boss 17 winner was Munawar Faruqui, with Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra coming in second and third, respectively. Samarth Jurel’s experience on the program was intriguing since Isha Malviya, his girlfriend, was also a competitor.</p>