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“May he Maintain His Humility”: Rohit Sharma commends Yashasvi Jaiswal ‘Exceptional Knock’ in Vizag follows

<p>India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, was pleased with his team’s performance during the second Test in Visakhapatnam, as they were able to earn the vital victory over England to square the series. Additionally, he gave recognition to players like Yashasvi Jaiswal and Jasprit Bumrah for their significant roles in the match’s victory on Day 4.</p>
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<p>During the post-match presentation ceremony, the captain gave special recognition to young Yashasvi Jaiswal for his noteworthy performance in the second Test. Jaiswal not only scored his maiden double-century in the first innings but also set the tone for the Indian innings with the bat. Jaiswal did this all by himself, helping India reach a respectable total.</p>
<p>Rohit appreciated his knock and his batting partner. The captain thinks he can make significant progress. “(Jaiswal) Looks like a very good player, understands his game,” he said. Still a long way to go, naturally. It was a knock of extraordinary quality. I hope he continues to be modest since he has a lot to give the club.</p>
<p>Regarding the Indian batting team, the captain feels that converting the starts that the players were able to get in a decent batting surface is something that has to be improved. “The wicket was good to bat on; many of the batters got starts but failed to convert,” Rohit said. It’ll take some time since they’re young and unfamiliar with this format.</p>
<p>The Indian captain was pleased with the team’s performance against a strong rival despite the fact that it is composed of a number of young players who have never played in the longest format. Rohti anticipates a difficult series ahead and feels that the victory would instill a great deal of confidence in the team.</p>
<p>The skipper also acknowledged the services of Jasprit Bumrah, his main pacer. After making his debut, Bumrah has gone on to become the Indian team’s pace attack leader for a considerable amount of time.</p>
<p>“He’s (Bumrah) a champion player for us, done the job for a while,” Rohit said. When you win a match like that, you have to consider your whole game play. The bowlers showed their mettle, knowing that winning a Test match in these circumstances would not be simple.</p>
<p>In the first Test innings, Jasprit Bumrah took full advantage of the reverse swing available to him and picked up six wickets. He then finished the match with three wickets in the second innings, helping India win by 106 runs. Bumrah gave a masterclass in fast bowling in Indian conditions.</p>