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Fashion Activist & Global Goals Ambassador Aishwarya Sharma Appointed as Global Fashion Agenda’s Next-Gen Assembly Ambassador for 2024

New Delhi, January 25, 2024 — Aishwarya Sharma, a fashion and climate advocate and a global goals ambassador has been appointed as the ambassador for Global Fashion Agenda’s Next-Gen Assembly for the year 2024. Aishwarya’s dedication to sustainability and her active role in representing Indian youth on global platforms has positioned her as a leading force in the movement towards a net positive and inclusive fashion industry.


Global Fashion Agenda’s Next Gen Assembly program is designed to accelerate the impact of sustainability efforts within the fashion industry, particularly championing the cause among the next generation of fashion practitioners and professionals. 


Aishwarya Sharma has been a prominent figure in international forums such as COP27, COP28, and BRICS, where she has consistently championed sustainable fashion dialogues. Recognized as India’s first fashion activist, she now brings her expertise and passion to the Next Gen Assembly as its 2024 ambassador. She stands as an iconic force in the global sustainable fashion movement. Originating from the vibrant city of Delhi, India, this dynamic climate advocate collaborates with influential organizations, leaving an indelible mark on the international stage. Her affiliations include distinguished entities such as Togetherband (UN Foundation) and Global Peace by Accord, headquartered in South Africa. A designated Goodwill Ambassador for Youth of India, she further contributes her expertise as a sustainability advisor to the esteemed Fort Fashion Council based in Dubai, UAE. Aishwarya emerges as a formidable voice representing the Global South and is also the Voice of Re:Generation for the global fashion & footwear giant PUMA.


The Next Gen Assembly, organized by Global Fashion Agenda and supported by Fashion Values in partnership with UAL: London College of Fashion (LCF), Eyes on Talents, and the Center for Sustainable Fashion, aims to empower talented students and young professionals. The program fosters their development as sustainability changemakers through a year-long collaborative initiative featuring online workshops, courses, and active participation at the Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2024.


Applicants between the ages of 18-35 are invited to rethink the fashion industry’s economic practices, addressing the critical question: *How can Fashion Values Economies of Wellbeing?* Aishwarya Sharma’s appointment as the Next-Gen Assembly Ambassador adds a powerful voice to this collective effort.



Reflecting on her new role, Aishwarya Sharma remarked, “The aggressive climate crisis demands unity and action from people, communities, and industries alike. The fashion industry, notorious for its wasteful practices, contributes significantly to the climate emergency and societal exploitation. This opportunity to lead the sustainable fashion movement and establish meaningful connections with emerging leaders over the next year is immensely gratifying. Together, we can address and rectify the most pressing issues of our time.”


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About Global Fashion Agenda 


Global Fashion Agenda is a non-profit organisation that fosters industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion to accelerate impact. With the vision of a net positive fashion industry, it drives action by mobilising, inspiring, influencing and educating all stakeholders. About Centre for Sustainable Fashion Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) is a University

of the Arts London research, education and knowledge exchange centre. Based at London College of Fashion, the centre provokes, challenges, and questions the status quo in fashion to contribute to a system that recognises its ecological context and honours equity.


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Fashion Values is a sustainability education programme led by Centre for Sustainable Fashion in collaboration with Kering, IBM, Vogue Business, Eyes on Talents, and GFA. The Fashion Values partners bring together a network of sustainability experts, fashion professionals, educators, academics and students from across the fashion system. The Fashion Values vision is to make sustainability education for fashion open, accessible, and transformative.


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Eyes on Talents is a digital platform that connects talents with influential brands with the aim of digitalizing the recruitment of creatives and giving brands access to the best profiles and portfolios of the moment. It is a tool for young creatives to present their work to high-profile clients that launch searches for recruitment in the creative field, ranging from Fashion Design, Graphics & Art Direction all the way to Architeture and Product Design.


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Global Fashion Summit (formerly known as Copenhagen Fashion Summit) is the leading international forum for sustainability in fashion. Convening major decision makers from across the world, the forum has become the nexus for agenda-setting discussions and presentations on the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing our industry and planet, all intended to spark urgent action and accelerate impact in the industry.