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Mercu Tech System implementation at the Pilot Project in Lampung Province, Indonesia, by Dato’ Sri Ahmad Sukimi’s Mercu Group

January 14, 2024, Tubaba, Indonesia – Mercu Biotech Sdn Bhd visited the Lampung Province rubber plantation to review a pilot project of an innovative Rubber Tapping technology introduced by Mercu Group to Indonesia. The visit featured Ir. Bambang Sutrisno, Horo Wahyudi and the KSP (Presidential Staff – Economic Advisor) of the Republic of Indonesia, Ishak Saing [1]. The representatives of Mercu Group from Malaysia were Dato Sri Ahmad Sukimi bin Haji Ibrahim (SSAP) [2], Md Nazli bin Md Nawi, Dato Izaham Mohd Kasim, Mohd Hazim and Muhammad Muzaffar Shahz [1].


The leadership and team in attendance observed a cutting-edge system at the plantation, which involved Mercu Group’s proprietary Gas and extraction technology to achieve a high yield by calculation of g/t/t (gram/tapping/tree), of three times the latex volume compared to traditional tapping methods [3]. When asked for comment about the study, Susilo Aris Nugroho’s point of view is that “From the results of our discussions and application in the plantations, this new technology is in the form of a Mercu Tech System which is the result of 30 years of research by Mercu Group’s R&D Team.” [4] The Mercu Tech System technology further provides consistent tapping all year round, including the rainy season. Muhammad Hazim further affirmed that Mercu selected Tubaba as the prime area for the pilot project due to the density of the rubber plantations and the environmental conditions that are more than conducive for rubber sapping.


When visiting Tubaba, Ishak Saing (KSP) said, “We visited Tubaba Region because the plantation potential here is excellent, so we tested the Mercu Tech System technology at several points. “In the future, we hope Mercu develops this technology throughout Indonesia,” he concluded. The pilot project conducted in Lampung here today is a testament to the earlier proposal to the Executive Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia by Dato Sri Ahmad Sukimi bin Haji Ibrahim’s Mercu Group for farmer welfare.


When asked about the implementation of plans for post-pilot project testing in Lampung, Indonesia, Dato’ Sri Ahmad Sukimi bin Haji Ibrahim said, “The outcome of this pilot project in Indonesia is the start of a fruitful collaboration between Mercu and Indonesia. The technology transfer will spur optimism among farmers in producing excellent and abundant rubber latex, as the expected yield through our technology will generate a much higher income for these farmers. We expect to implement the Mercu Tech system for the rubber in other regions of Indonesia to help industry players respond to the increase in demand for rubber and other byproduct derivatives in the APAC region.”


About Mercu Group & Dato’ Sri Ahmad Sukimi bin Haji Ibrahim


Mercu Group is a consortium founded by Dato’ Sri Ahmad Sukimi bin Haji Ibrahim in 1995, and takes pride in its involvement in various sectors. It offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from infrastructure, building construction and project management, food and beverage industry participation, property development, and international trade. Malaysia Construction Industry Development Board has recognized Mercu and has obtained the ISO9001:2015 certification for its excellent work in construction, engineering, and project management. [5]






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