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Elon Musk Alived Through A Terrifying Episode. His mom recalls it

<p>Elon Musk, the richest man in the planet and the founder of six businesses, used to terrify his mother. The billionaire’s family grounded him when he was five or six years old and forbade him from going to a play on the opposite side of town. Then, frightening his mother Maye Musk, he fled his home and strolled throughout the community.</p>
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<p>This came to light when user Technodoge posted an old video of the SpaceX Chief discussing the same thing on X. I was stopped from attending a performance with my relatives across town one day and had to stay grounded. I didn’t agree with this, so I left my nanny and strolled across the city. I was clearly doing a stupid thing by doing this, and I could hardly read signs. In the video, Mr. Musk stated, “I could have been run over or kidnapped—something horrible could have happened.”</p>
<p>“But I was determined to go,” he said. I therefore essentially strolled around the nation’s capital. When my mom spotted me strolling up the sidewalk to my cousin’s house, she freaked out and became really upset.”</p>
<p>According to the millionaire, he rushed and climbed a tree in order to get his mother to agree not to punish him and to let him live with his relatives.</p>
<p>Maye Musk responded to the video by saying she was still perplexed as to why no one had intervened to stop the toddler from crossing the street. “This is something I clearly recall. Since he was illiterate, I believe he was five years old. We’re still baffled as to how he managed to cross the street unopposed. Horrible,” she posted on the social media site.</p>
<p>The post has received several responses and 2.9 lakh views since it was uploaded.</p>
<p>Definitely a parent’s worst fear. I’m glad Elon didn’t suffer any harm,” a person said.</p>
<p>“That is so scary!” said someone else. I can’t even begin to imagine your feelings. I’m so happy you caught him walking down the sidewalk at that exact moment! He is extremely successful in part because he is tenacious and doesn’t accept no for an answer.”</p>
<p>He was the kind of person who would handle things himself from an early age, and he followed through on his goals when they were in their hearts! Definitely terrifying for a mother!” said someone.</p>
<p>One individual said, “Children have their own ways.”</p>
<p>Someone said, “that’s a cute story, but I bet you were so mad lol.”</p>
<p>“I would think the crazy part is – he went the correct way and was not lost,” stated a user of X.</p>