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Get Rid of Scam Calls Now! India’s Google Pixel Users May Soon Get The Call Screening Feature

<p>Do you recall when Google first debuted the call screen functionality with the Pixel 6 series? For those who are unaware, this function manages telemarketers, fraudsters, and other bothersome callers by automatically acting as a call screener. Both regular users and working professionals may find this to be extremely helpful. Owners of the Google Pixel 6, 7, and 8 series in the US and a few other nations have been able to use this function for some time. It’s about time consumers in India could also experience it.</p>
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<p>The user r/yuval17G on Reddit is the source of the data shown here. In their article, they claimed to have successfully enabled call screening on a OnePlus 7 running the AOSP 14 custom ROM in both Hindi and English (India). They did this by turning on call filtering flags using the Gapps Magisk module, which is accessible on GitHub. He indicates that call screening assistance would be provided to other nations than only India.</p>
<p>You may be asking how this suggests that Pixel phones will soon support call filtering. The availability of these calling and language packs raises the possibility that Google is thinking about expanding the market for this function, particularly to India. At the moment, owners of the Pixel 6 and later in Australia, the US, Spain, the UK, Italy, Japan, Ireland, and Germany are the only ones eligible for this functionality.</p>
<p>It’s unclear when Indian consumers will be able to use this function, but according to rumors, Pixel smartphones will receive a feature drop in March. Google devices may also receive it at that time. Take that with a grain of salt, however, since nothing is official yet and Google hasn’t made any announcements.</p>