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frightful It Is Possible To Hack A Google User’s Account Without Their Password

<p>The newest method that hackers have discovered to get around security measures is pretty unsettling since it allows them to access your account without need your password. In actuality, even if you change the password, their access remains unrestricted. CloudSEK released the unsettling information in a paper this month.</p>
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<p>Third-party cookies, which are essential to Google’s online operations, are connected to the problem. The security company notes that this vulnerability may allow hackers to get your Google credentials. Your passwords and other private information are kept there for a fast sign-in, and these cookies also facilitate authentication.</p>
<p>“This attack allows for ongoing access to Google services, even in the event that a user resets their password.It emphasizes how crucial it is to always keep an eye out for developing cyberthreats by monitoring both technological flaws and human intelligence sources. CloudSEK brought out the problem in a post.</p>
<p>According to the media report, Google seems to have recognized the issue and even states that it has been fixed on their end. However, these worries are getting more and more common, which should alert the tech giant. The business is making a lot of effort to provide consumers with more privacy and to limit virus access on all of its platforms.</p>
<p>Additionally, Google is making changes that will let users restrict cookies from monitoring their online activities. This might have significant implications for both Google and its business partners. Additionally, Google has to fortify its system to effectively detect and block dangerous applications, since billions of Android users may unintentionally grant these apps access, allowing them to steal data and other sensitive information.</p>