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Survivors of the Ludhiana gas leak describe the horrors, saying that the "pungent smell had people fainting, families lost"

According to heartbreaking news from Punjab, a deadly gas apparently came through the city's sewers on Sunday in the densely populated Giaspura neighbourhood, killing up to 11 people, three of them were children.

People started fainting as soon as they smelled a very strong smell early on Sunday morning, which was when the Ludhiana gas leak happened. Later, it was discovered that a toxic gas had been released into the atmosphere that contained incredibly high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide.

In addition to the 11 people who died, four more people who had also breathed the gas were hospitalised, and according to the authorities, they believe that the toxic gas was discharged when a chemical was dumped in the local sewage system.

People who transported the victims to the hospitals described the horrific nature of the incident, saying that after being overcome by the potent smell of the toxic gas, people began to pass out on the roads. Numerous victims passed away while lying on the actual road.

According to the Hindustan Times, Laddu Tiwari, a local, was among the first to arrive to the scene of the Ludhiana gas leak. He saw his landlord and his wife laying on the road after breathing in the gas' harmful vapours.

He persuaded the couple's little daughter to stay inside and shut the doors and windows of the auto rickshaw while he directed it to transport them to the hospital. Tiwari said that the couple's kid is still unaware of her parents' demise.

“The gas, a neurotoxic, was also found. Victims had symptoms including facial yellowing that are consistent with hydrogen sulphide poisoning. The decontamination procedure has started. According to PTI sources, Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner (DC) Surabhi Malik said that the sewer needed to be flushed.

A compensation of Rs 2 lakh and Rs 50,000 has been given by the Ludhiana district government for the families of those who passed away and were transported to the hospital, respectively.

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